Detentions – Fact Sheet for Parents

The Charles Dickens School Detentions

Fact Sheet for Parents

The School adopts the statutory guidance provided by the DfE and you may wish to refer to the School’s Behaviour for Learning Policy and the DfE guidance “Behaviour and Discipline in Schools” Jan 2016 for further information.

A summary of the salient points are provided below:

Punishing Poor Behaviour

What the law allows:

  • Teachers can discipline pupils whose conduct falls below the standard which could reasonably be expected of them. This means that if a pupil misbehaves, breaks a school rule or fails to follow a reasonable instruction the teacher can impose a punishment on that pupil. This includes poor behaviour outside of school.
  • Punishments at The Charles Dickens School includes detentions after school. Teachers have statutory authority to discipline pupils whose behaviour is unacceptable, who break the school rules or who fail to follow a reasonable instruction (Section 91 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006).

Source: The School Behaviour for Learning Policy and the DfE guidance “Behaviour and Discipline in Schools” Jan 2016, page 3-5.

  • “Parental consent is not required for detentions”.

Source: Behaviour for Learning Policy page 18 and the DfE guidance “Behaviour and Discipline in Schools” Jan 2016 page 10.

At The Charles Dickens School, when a student is issued a detention the School informs parents of this and the reason why. By law, your permission or approval is not required. We would expect all parents to support the school in ensuring that conduct and behaviour are exemplary at all times.

The School is required only to inform you of an after school detention if these are long in duration. At The Charles Dickens School a student may be asked to stay behind for 5-10 minutes and this would not warrant contact home, however, longer than this and we will inform you.

In addition, the School reserves the right to issue no notice after school detentions if a pupil displays consistent poor behaviour or serious misbehaviour during the school day that warrants this. Parents will be informed by telephone that their child has been detained, the reason for this, and the time the detention will finish (usually 4pm, 4:15pm or 4:30pm). Source Behaviour for Learning Policy

You child is expected to attend all detentions set at the most appropriate time for the School as per the School Detention Calendar which has been set specifically so that detentions can be correctly supervised and these are determined by the pay and conditions of staff. This is why these are not negotiable or transferable.

If after viewing your child’s behaviour record you feel that you wish to discuss this matter further please write to the Head of Year outlining the reasons for contact and they will respond to you within 3 working days.