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Holocaust Memorial Day 2019

Posted on: 04/03/2019

This year pupils from The Charles Dickens School have helped to mark the Holocaust Memorial Day.  The focus for this year’s memorial was “Torn from Home”. 

Pupils listened to the experiences of Renee, a French Jew, who had to leave her home and her parents at the age of 12 to find a safe place to live.  They heard the experiences of Sokphal, from Cambodia, who had to leave his home at the age of 17 and took 12 years to find a safe place to live. 

Pupils considered those who were torn from their home during WW2 and those who are in conflicts today. 

By listening to the experiences of Renee and Sokphal and taking part in the Holocaust Memorial, pupils also considered what they can learn from these stories and how that could be applied to our own lives and actions? 

After time for contemplation, pupils wrote a postcard to either Renee or Sokphal and these were displayed at Ramsgate Town Hall for members of the Memorial congregation to view.  Two postcards from each class will be sent to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and pupils will receive a reply from Renee and Sokphal. 

As a society we need to use the power of our words for good, to let Renee and Sokphal know their story is being heard and to let those who are, and have been, persecuted know they are remembered.

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place on the 27 January, each year.  For more information please visit


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