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At The Charles Dickens School, in addition to working towards academic excellence with our students we also want them to experience activities beyond the curriculum. 

The school has a strong commitment to the added value of learning outside the classroom and beyond the school premises. It seeks to provide a broad and balanced range of learning outside the classroom.  Every year the school arranges a number of trips and activities that take place off the school site and out of schools hours.

  • School sports teams
  • Day visits for particular groups (curriculum support)
  • Residential / Overseas visits (Ski trip)
  • Adventurous activities (supporting physical study/GCSE PE)
  • Reward Trips (Thorpe Park)
  • Theatre Trips (supporting GCSE study)

The School recognises the key role of accompanying staff in ensuring the highest standards of learning, challenge and safety on a school visit.

Staff are encouraged and supported to develop their abilities in organising and managing visits.

The School has a clear code of conduct for school visits based on the School Behaviour Policy. This code of conduct will be part of the condition of booking by parents. Pupils, whose behaviour is such that the visit leader is concerned for their safety, or for that of others, can be withdrawn from the activity. The visit leader will consider whether such pupils should be sent home early and parents will be expected to cover any costs of the journey home.