Examination Board: AQA

Exact Course Title:  GCSE French

Why should I choose to study French?

French is the language of our closest European neighbours. It is spoken in many other parts of Europe and the world including Canada and many countries in Africa.  In opting to study French you will be able to communicate more confidently and accurately with French speakers and you will learn more about the lifestyle and culture of this vibrant and influential country. Foreign language skills are also essential for many jobs in global businesses such as computing, marketing, and finance.

What will I learn?

The GCSE course covers three distinct themes, which apply to all four question papers.

Theme 1: Identity and Culture

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest

Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

What will be expected of me?

Students of all abilities can take a language at GCSE, all that is needed is a great deal of enthusiasm, commitment to learning and preparation at home.

What skills will I develop?

The general aim of the GCSE course is to enable you to successfully attain a number of objectives in a productive and supportive environment.  The main aims are:

  • To develop the ability to understand and use French effectively for purposes of practical communication
  • To develop the ability to use and understand French both imaginatively and creatively
  • To develop an understanding of the grammar of French
  • To offer insights into the culture and civilisation of French-speaking countries and communities
  • To form a sound knowledge base of the skills, language and attitude required for further study, work and leisure.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on each of the four key language skills in Year 11. 

Listening Exam (25%)

Reading Exam (25%) - including translation from French to English.

Speaking Assessment (25%) - Role Play, Photo Card and General Conversation. 

Writing Assessment (25%) - structured writing task, open-ended writing task and translation from English to French.

Where will this qualification lead me? 

Do you hope to have a career in travel and tourism, the media, journalism, MI5, sales and marketing, customer support, education or translating and interpreting?  The knowledge of a foreign language would be an advantage for furthering your career in any of these fields.