Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel

Exact Course Title: BTEC Level1/2 First Award in Performing Arts (Dance)

Why should I choose to study dance?

Dance allows students of all abilities to be supported and challenged in developing their technical, choreographic and appreciation skills. Dance is a fun and enjoyable course that relates to the performing arts industry in giving you a taster of the roles and responsibilities of a dancer. This course is ideal for dedicated students who like a challenge and those who enjoy learning in a practical way. It is great for building confidence and communication skills.

What will I learn?

There are three units of study. The first unit is Dance Skills and this develops your skills and knowledge within dance. You will study at least two dance styles in depth. You will learn, develop and create technical sequences and routines. You will need to work independently and in groups to complete intense workshops in order to perform in a variety of venues and events.  The second unit is Performance, Preparation and Production. This requires you to plan, create, rehearse and perform a series of dance works. You will experience what working in the performing arts industry is like – you will learn audition technique and etiquette as well as rehearsal and performance techniques. You are central to the whole process of producing a performance – from the initial ideas to the final performance. The final unit is Individual Showcase. You have a variety of scenarios and options to choose from. You will perform two contrasting audition pieces or give a presentation on make-up or costume design, plus submit a detailed letter of application in response to the exam brief and scenario chosen.

What will be expected of me?

You must follow and abide by clear rules, routines and expectations.  Your attendance must be outstanding as it is very hard to catch up work if you are absent. You will be expected to adhere to the high code of conduct established in the Performing Arts department. You need to be self-motivated and willing to accept and act on constructive criticism. You should be able to take direction, but also generate ideas of your own and be an independent thinker. 

What skills will I develop?

The aim of the course is to make Dance understandable and accessible to all students and for you to understand the skills needed to be a dancer. You will develop skills in technique, choreography and appreciation.

How will I be assessed?

Internally assessed and externally moderated work makes up 75% of the final grade; the remaining 25% is external assessment in the form of audition or presentation and a supporting letter of application. There are practical examinations as part of the controlled assessment elements and in these you will be assessed on your technical competency and performance quality. There is also a significant amount of written work for all units and this must reflect and match the standard of your practical work.

Where will this qualification lead me?

A number of our students go on to study BTEC Level 3 courses at college and sixth form, this can then lead to study at degree level in a performing arts subject.