Design, Engineer and Construct (DEC)

Examination Board: TLM

Exact Course Title: Level 1/2 Certificate in Designing, Engineering and Constructing a Sustainable Built Environment

Why should I choose to study DEC?

Design Engineer Construct!® (DEC!) is an accredited learning programme for secondary-school age students and has been expertly developed to create and inspire the next generation of Built Environment professionals. Through a project-based approach, DEC! applies pure academic subjects to the latest construction industry practices. The result is young people with real-world practical experience and employability skills.

What will I learn?

At Level 1, the central project within the curriculum is the design and construction of an ‘Eco Classroom’ following industry standard commercial practices, which includes the use of Building Information Modelling techniques using industry standard software and provides young learners

with a range of progressive skills which are in high demand in a wide range of careers in the built environment.

What will be expected of me?

You will need to be committed and hardworking, be a team player and participate in all projects.  You will be required to meet deadlines on time and produce a portfolio of your work.

What skills will I develop?

The curriculum fulfils all Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and students develop key skills of: independent learners, creative thinkers, reflective learners, team workers, self-managers and effective participants.

How will I be assessed? E.g. How much is examination and how much Coursework?

All levels are based on coursework:

Level 1 - 16 credits (120 GLH)

Unit 1 Defining a Sustainable Construction Project 3 credits (20 GLH)

Unit 2 Roles in Construction Teams 7 credits (60 GLH)

Unit 3 Producing a Technical Design and Sharing Information 3 credits (20 GLH)

Unit 4 Planning, costing and presenting a sustainable building project 3 credits (20 GLH)

Level 2 - 16 credits (120 GLH)

Unit 1 Defining a Sustainable Construction Project 5 credits (40 GLH)

Unit 2 Developing a sustainable construction project 4 credits (30 GLH)

Unit 3 Delivering a Sustainable Construction Project 4 credits (30 GLH)

Unit 4 Evaluating a Sustainable Construction Project 3 credits (20 GLH)

Where will this qualification lead me? 

The course can lead to work experience opportunities, CV and portfolio development, access to post 16 apprenticeships and further study at Level 3 (equivalent to 1 A level).