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Press Release

Posted on: 10/01/2018

Press Release – 10 Jan 2018

The Charles Dickens School, a member of Barton Court Academy Trust, follows the National Healthy Schools Policy. We have a new catering provider "Independent Catering" who serve healthy food, from locally sourced farmers, which also includes organic produce.

Eating healthy is part of the School’s PSHEE programme of study for students and supports students ability to concentrate, learn and behave well.

Head of School, Mr Morgan said "Before the Christmas break all parents, students and staff were informed that the School would be extending the Healthy Schools Policy further in January 2018 by monitoring carefully what students were bringing into school to eat and drink. We had noticed a deterioration in concentration, learning and behaviour particular from students bringing into school large multi-packs of unhealthy food, snacks and drinks.

Since the introduction of this policy, which we are delighted to have the support of the majority of parents and students, we have seen a significant improvement in student concentration, attitude to learning and improved behaviour."