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New Leadership Opportunities for Year 8 Students!

Posted on: 03/10/2018

The School is continuing the leadership project for students in Year 8 – Student Receptionists. Working alongside Mrs Booth in reception, the students are responsible for carrying out a range of tasks as directed. The role will involve taking visitors to relevant parts of the School; showing visitors around the school; taking messages to staff; and most importantly, learning new skills in routine administrative tasks.

This is an excellent chance for Year 8 students to develop self esteem and gain skills that relate to the world of work; a vital quality to enable them to be ‘rounded’ individuals. The aim of the programme is to enable Year 8 students to develop a range of work-related skills including leadership, self-confidence and the ability to use their own initiative.  

This is a special leadership role within the lower school, and all Year 8 students will have the opportunity to act as Student Receptionists. Students who have completed this aspect of their wider education have gained in confidence and have experienced tasks relating to a business environment.

Students will be able to develop active citizenship and work-related elements of their learning as well as gain an experience of working with different staff in the School and interacting with members of the public.  Most significantly, this role will help to develop key social skills and build self-confidence.