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CDS Careers Fayre Wednesday 26 February. All students will have the chance to speak with representatives from different industries to help them look at future employment options.


Year 8 Taster Day Tuesday 25 February. All Year 8 students will sample option subjects to help them make their Key Stage 4 study choices.


Reminder for Year 10 Parents’ Evening, Monday 24 February starting at 4.30pm. Ensure that appointments are made and contact the Year team if you need assistance.


All CDS students return to school Monday 24 February. We hope you have had a lovely half term break.


CDS skiers having fun on the slopes!


Reminder: Year 10 Parents' Evening Monday 24 February at 4.30pm.


Year 10 Design Technology have been engaged in the research and design of a speaker unit to connect to a phone, laptop or mp3 player.


The art department are requesting plastic bottle tops and lids to create a piece of art work through recycling. Please start saving them and bring them in by the end of March!


Year 11 after school interventions 2.50pm-3.50pm Tuesday-Friday. Please check your child’s planner weekly for the sessions they are required to attend.


NCS 4 phase programme for Year 11 students this summer costs £50. This covers all food, accommodation, travel & activities. All receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister which is recognised by universities, employers & apprenticeships


And they're off! Ski group heading to Pila, Italy, for half term week. Watch here for daily updates.


Ski trip departs 12 noon tomorrow! Check out the snow report!


Year 10 Parents' Evening - Monday 24 February at 4.30pm. Please ensure that your child is making appointments


CDS beat Chatham & Clarendon in the final, making them Year 8 Thanet Dodgeball Champions 2020


CDS Anti Bullying Ambassadors and Student Voice held a cyber bullying workshop with Year 7 & 8 students for internet safety day.


CDS has 35 Anti Bullying Ambassadors in conjunction with the Diana Award. There is always someone to speak to if students feel unsafe, vulnerable, upset or lonely.

Secondary Ready Graduation 2018

Posted on: 17/01/2019

The “Secondary Ready” Learning Pathway is an exciting curriculum pathway designed to further support children through their secondary education. The curriculum based offer focuses on literacy and numeracy allowing the development of the essential skills necessary to achieve in secondary school.

When students are ready they graduate from this pathway into mainstream secondary education.  8 students graduated this year at the end of Term 2 at a ceremony led by Mrs Harrison, Deputy Headteacher and Miss Oxley-Moore, Secondary Ready TA, and it was a great success. 

Students received their certificates and 2 Year 7 graduates gave a moving speech about their goals and achievements throughout this learning pathway which you can read below. 

 “Good afternoon everyone -

Since starting our journey in September, at The Charles Dickens School, we have proven to ourselves just how skilled and talented our abilities are in our education. We are strong and hardworking. We have the chance to ask questions should we not understand knowing full well just how supportive and dedicated our teachers are. We have the strength to pass our classroom work to make our teachers and parents proud, but most importantly to make ourselves proud.

In our time of being in Secondary Ready we have been taught so much more that has helped us with both our education and our personal development. It has given us a chance to see that education is a lot more than just reading books, knowing our timetables and to answer essay questions. It has taught us to be young adults, to be good listeners, to respect each other with equality, to build good friendships, to love, to care and to always be kind. In our lessons we have been leaders, team players, artists, historians, even having the chance to travel around the world to develop our knowledge.

Our ethos here at The Charles Dickens School is to “Expect, Believe and Achieve”. We work together as a team towards our expectations to become the best people that we can be. Because of this we are given the chance to believe in ourselves, to believe what we do is important and to show that we can make a difference. It has given us the confidence and knowledge to achieve our goals in our education to continue to do our best.

Giving students the chance to have extra support that Secondary Ready provides us is something that most students desire and it is something that we all, here today, can be thankful for. Whether you are a Year 7 or a Year 8, moving into mainstream or continuing your education, we all work together to strive forward.

We would like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the teachers that have supported us since our journey began here in September. Your hard work, support and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Through the hard times and the good times, knowing we had your support is something we will always remember.

We would like to thank you TAs who work closely with us, to help with our understanding in lessons, personal growth and always being there to listen to us when we should need it,  is something that won’t be forgotten lightly.”

And lastly, a big thank you to Mrs Bennett.  Even though she could not be here today, we know that she is proud of our achievements and proud that we are all here today working together as team that we all are.

We are looking forward to continuing our education here. To build and develop our skills and knowledge but most importantly, to always be the best people that we can be.  Thank you”

The School is extremely proud of their graduates.

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