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Ready, Steady, Cook!

Posted on: 05/03/2019

Royal Navy chefs paid a visit to the Year 10 Hospitality & Catering students at the School for a Ready, Steady, Cook style challenge.

Petty Officer Jamie Marples, along with three members of the logistics team, gave an informative talk on the different hospitality careers in the Royal Navy before setting students the challenge.

The students were split into groups and competed to prepare, cook and present two dishes in one hour.

The groups were provided with a tray of identical ingredients plus one mystery ingredient that differed on each tray.  The Royal Navy chefs Jamie, Lee, Matty and Hayley were on hand to offer expert advice on recipes and professional skills along with techniques.  All dishes produced were of a high standard showcasing some excellent culinary skills.

In an atmosphere of friendly competition the students learnt the importance of team work in a high pressured environment and when working to meet a deadline.

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