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Harry succeeds at Blind Cricket

Posted on: 16/06/2017

Blind cricket is an incredibly difficult sport to master, but Charles Dickens School student Harry, who plays for “The Spitfires” seems to be mastering it very well.


Blind cricketers play with a size 3 football containing ball bearings to help locate it and the bowler is assisted by the wicket keeper clapping in order to follow the sound.


When “The Spitfires” recently played against Hampshire, Harry, who is visually impaired, took two wickets in one over which is no mean achievement!  Head of School, Mr Morgan, said “There is no doubt Harry’s enjoyment of this sport has helped him to focus and become the confident team player that he is. We are immensely proud of him.”


Harry, who always attends school, and cricket, with his guide dog Jolly, is a fantastic ambassador for CDS. Click on the photograph below to see a full page image of Harry and Jolly.

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