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This Wellbeing Wednesday, we are looking at how music can improve our wellbeing - Research suggests that music can stimulate the body's natural feel good chemicals. It can energise our mood and help us to take control of our feelings.


Awards Evening gave rise to an experience never to be forgotten by 40 H&C students from years 9, 10 and 11! 20 chefs behind the scenes produced 3200 canapes, 20 others worked 'front of house'. Well done to all who worked so hard; we are very proud of you!


It's Wellbeing Wednesday and there is definitely a chill in the air this week! Some of us can struggle with our mental health and wellbeing during the colder months We have put together some winter themed tips to protect your wellbeing (attached).


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In our new report - Kooth in the Capital, we look at the rise of crisis amongst CYP in , how the pandemic has affected their and how parents & teachers can safely signpost and spot any signs of distress. ⬇️


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This is a story about Lois, it shows the way HeadStart can support children and young people. It's an oldie but a goodie and we can still offer the support to young people that need it today. Check it out here 👉


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Are you crypto-savvy?💰💻 This week’s guide brings you the basics of cryptocurrency 💲. From Bitcoin to Tezos - what is it, who uses it and what are the potential risks? Download your free guide >>


Thanks to everyone who supported us in our fundraising on Friday 19th November, for Children in Need. We held a non-school uniform day, sold Children in Need accessories and raised a whopping £1,576.85 Well done to everyone involved!!


It's Wellbeing Wednesday! This week we are looking at how acts of kindness can have a positive effect on wellbeing. The expression “it is better to give than receive” is backed by research so have a look at the attached for useful tips.


CDS students can have their say on local issues by voting in the Kent Youth County Council Elections! Click on the following link to vote from 15th November - 28th November: See Miss Butterfield in school if you need any help voting.


Monday 15th to Friday 15 November is Anti-Bullying Week. The School's student Anti-Bullying Team are carrying out activities with students, such as Random Acts of Kindness, and they are selling anti-bullying wrist bands at break and lunch time.


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The isolation caused by covid-19 has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers & brighten the lives of the people around us. That’s why this year’s theme is , highlighting how one kind word can truly make a difference.


It's Wellbeing Wednesday! This week students are looking at the question of what is good physical wellbeing? Wishing you all a positive week !


Maths Week England (8-12 Nov) was set up with the goal of ensuring that no child misses out on the opportunities that being a confident and competent mathematician can give them. CDS are running enrichment activities to encourage students' further studying of maths.


CDS Prefect Instagram - A message to students from the Prefect Team: Welcome back everyone! We hope everybody had a great half term. Every term is a fresh start, every day is an opportunity to strive for more. Challenge yourselves this term!


Thanet Schools Young Artists Festival 2021 is open at The Margate School, with prize giving on Saturday 6 November at 12 noon. Over 600 paintings are being exhibited from Thanet schools and colleges. Free parking is near the Winter Gardens and Trinity Square.


Textiles - In this Year 10 project, students explored the idea of cells linking in with their science studies. They were able to pull their knowledge together to create interesting and experimental observations and fabric pieces.


UK Parliament Week 1-7 November – Students will receive PSHE sessions based on UK Parliament and the democratic process. There will be a quiz to test knowledge and a school wide vote on a topic that the Debate Team will focus on.


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Life can get really tough sometimes, but talking can help. The team are available 24/7 to provide expert support no matter what you are going through. Don’t suffer in silence: Text the word Kent to 85258 or phone 0800 107 0160 for free confidential support at any time.


Welcome to your Wellbeing Wednesday message, the last of Term 1! This week students are looking at how having a positive mindset is good for our Wellbeing.


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Join us, as we celebrate this October! We'll continue to share resources and discussions celebrating black history and experiences. If you need a safe space to celebrate or talk, you can find support from the community over on Kooth and Qwell (by Kooth).


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Young people can still sign up and take part in Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) elections until Tues 19th October! Here's the link to register and lots of other information about KYCC👉:


CDS Prefect Instagram Post: Black Poetry Day on Sunday October 17th celebrates the importance of black heritage and literacy. Here we celebrate Langston Hughes' poem 'Dreams', that encourages readers to hold onto their dreams despite life's adversities.


Welcome to your weekly wellbeing Wednesday message! This week students are looking at how eating healthy affects your wellbeing. For more information see the attached and please click on to the link to the NHS site


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Barton Manor School is looking for LGB Govs to join them in Jan 2022. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Trust to help implement the vision, ethos & direction of our new free school click the link below or retweet to spread the word.


Following our Open Evening last week, we are hosting Open Mornings this week on Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th October. The School will open it's doors to Year 6 families from 9am until 11am, so if you were unable to make the Open Evening, please come along!


We are seeking to recruit a Second in Mathematics (KS3). Check out the job description and if you are suitably qualified and feel that you would be an asset to us, please apply. The closing date for applications is Monday 18 October.


Welcome to your weekly Wellbeing Wednesday message - This week we are raising awareness for Mental Health. It is World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10 October this year -


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TODAY IS WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY! Let's make top trending. Attention on social media can lead to more awareness and give a higher priority worldwide. Please help us to reach as many people as possible by retweeting and using our hashtag💚


Welcome to your weekly Wellbeing Wednesday message! This week we are looking at how a daily check in with yourself can improve your wellbeing - This daily mental health habit can make a big difference.


Today we celebrated the European Day of Languages at The Charles Dickens School. Our celebrations included; A European themed bake off, a poster competition, Treasure hunts, Tutor sessions and European treats in the canteen for students to try.


Macmillan coffee morning staff bake off - Judges were hard placed to pick a winner but looked for artistic presentation, taste and texture in the bakes. Our star baker award today goes to the chocolate/Oreo bake.


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Parents and educators! 📢 Have you downloaded our FREE app yet? 📱 Join the National Online Safety community and access hundreds of free guides, covering TikTok, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and more! 🤩 Download our mobile app today >>


Art - These are Year 10 observations inspired by the work of Sarah Graham. Students took photographs of toys and, after selecting an area, are in the process of transferring these to canvas using acrylic paint. I think you will agree, these are starting to look great!


We are looking forward to enjoying lots of cake on Friday 24th September to support MacMillan Cancer! Students will be joining in a bake sale, and staff will hold a “bake off” to raise extra funds!


We are looking to recruit Teaching Assistants (multiple roles available) and a Specialist Teaching Assistant. Please look at the job advertisements if you feel that you could be an asset to our school. Deadline for applying is 30/09/2021.


It's Wellbeing Wednesday: This week we're looking at how perseverance can improve mental health. You’ve heard the quote “If at first you don’t succeed, try again” Few achieve anything great without first overcoming a few obstacles.


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Today marks . If you or someone you know is struggling with any issues at all, know that you are not alone and support is always available at Kooth! Hope Board ➡️ Other great services to reach out to for support ⬇️


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Be kind to your reflection 💠


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Know your worth. You are irreplaceable.

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Ms K Cardus Executive Headteacher
Mr W Smith Headteacher
Mrs C Benard-Grosso BCAT Senior Deputy Headteacher: Teaching & Learning and Thinking Schools
Mr R Morgan Senior Deputy Headteacher: Behaviour & Attitudes
Mrs K Harrison Deputy Headteacher: Quality of Education
Mr R Henderson Assistant Headteacher: Quality of Education
Mr A Weller Assistant Headteacher: Quality of Education
Mr D Lee Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour & Attitudes
Ms L Lebby Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour & Attitudes

Extended Leadership Team

Miss K Burvill Director of English
Miss S Arthurs Director of Mathematics
Mr R Cave Director of Science

BCAT Business Management Team

Mr M Blake Trust ICT Strategy and Project Manager
Mrs R Light Trust Personnel and Marketing Manager
Mrs T Swift Trust Finance and Premises Manager

Heads of Year & Assistant Heads of Year

Mr D Gonzalez-Bello Head of Year 07
Mrs J Clewley Assistant Head of Year 07
Mrs L Roden Head of Year 08
Mrs J Swinden Assistant Head of Year 08
Mr L Taylor Head of Year 09
Miss J Barrell Assistant Head of Year 09
Mr L Jones Head of Year 10
Mrs L Jones Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr D Shepperson Head of Year 11
Mrs L Knight Assistant Head of Year 11

Art Department

Mrs S Chapman Lead Teacher of Art
Mrs P Matthews-Crow Teacher of Art
Mrs C Harrison Teacher of Art
Ms D Thomson Teacher of Art
Ms D Harrison Art Technician

Business Studies Department

Mrs K Lamprell Lead Teacher of Business Studies
Mrs K Russell Teacher of Business Studies

Computing Department

Mrs N Hales Lead Teacher of Computing
Mr M Dent Teacher of Computing

Dance & Performing Arts Department

Miss H Gore Lead Teacher of Creative Arts & Performing Arts
Mr L Jones Teacher of Drama

Design & Technology Department

Mr T Crutchley Lead Teacher of DT
Mr C Cotter DT Technician

English Department

Miss K Burvill Director of English
Mrs J Shaw 2nd in English: KS3
Miss E Luck 2nd in English: KS4
Mrs E Endersby 2nd in English: Professional Tutor
Ms C Hamilton Teacher of English
Miss S Wilson Teacher of English
Mrs M Humphrys Teacher of English
Miss M Coleman Teacher of English
Mrs A Silva Teacher of English
Miss E Hunter Teacher of English
Miss L Butterfield Teacher of English

Geography Department

Mrs E Milligan Lead Teacher of Geography
Miss K Harrison Teacher of Geography
Mr R Morgan Teacher of Geography
Miss H Sheldon Teacher of Geography
Mrs A Wakefield Teacher of Geography

Health & Social Care and Child Development Department

Ms K Oborne Lead Teacher of Health & Social Care and Child Development

History Department

Mrs C Topsom Lead Teacher of History
Mr A Weller Teacher of History
Mrs N Griffin Teacher of History
Miss A Murphy Teacher of History

Hospitality & Catering

Mrs K Naylor Lead Teacher of Hospitality & Catering
Miss V Grossmith Teacher of Hospitality & Catering
Miss E Williams Hospitality & Catering Technician

Mathematics Department

Miss S Arthurs Director of Mathematics
Mr K Boggis 2nd in Mathematics: KS4
Mrs B Pretorius Teacher of Mathematics
Miss L Brocklehurst Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D Gonzalez-Bello Teacher of Mathematics
Miss A Johnson Teacher of Mathematics
Mr R Smith Teacher of Mathematics
Miss M Stait Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs A Harding Teacher of Mathematics

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Mrs D Jordan Lead Teacher of MFL
Mrs Z Johnson Teacher of  MFL
Mrs C Harrison Teacher of MFL

Music Department

Mr I Atkinson Lead Teacher of Music
Mr S Hopkins Music Instructor

PE Department

Mr D Allen Lead Teacher of PE
Mr D Lee Teacher of PE
Miss L Lebby Teacher of PE
Mr D Shepperson Teacher of PE
Mr L Taylor Teacher of PE
Mrs L Roden Teacher of PE
Mr J Masters Teacher of PE

RE Department

Mr W Palmer Lead Teacher of RE & Sociology
Mrs R Humphrey Teacher of RE

Science Department

Mr R Cave Director of Science
Mrs R Quaye 2nd in Science: KS3
Mr S Powell 2nd in Science: KS4
Mrs B Shepherd Teacher of Science
Mr R Henderson Teacher of Science
Mrs K Pluckrose Teacher of Science
Miss A Parker Teacher of Science
Miss L Beeston Teacher of Science
Mr A Mavromichalis Teacher of Science
Mrs A Wakefield Teacher of Science
Miss J Corby Senior Science Technician

Sociology Department

Mrs R Humphrey Teacher of Sociology

Travel & Tourism Department

Mrs E Milligan Lead Teacher of Travel & Tourism

Cover Supervisors

Miss C Airey Cover Supervisor
Mrs A O'Sullivan Cover Supervisor

Student Support Department

Mrs L Dunbar Safeguarding and CIC Welfare Manager
Ms S Spain Attendance Improvement Manager: KS4
Miss M Rockhill Attendance Improvement Manager: KS3
Mrs Z Shrimpton Alternative Provision Manager
Mr P Shilling Senior Pastoral Manager
Miss E Read Isolation Manager & Careers Coordinator
Mr G Winter RU Manager
Mrs J Clewley Assistant Head of Year 07
Mrs J Swinden Assistant Head of Year 08
Miss J Barrell Assistant Head of Year 09
Mrs L Jones Assistant Head of Year 10
Mrs L Knight Assistant Head of Year 11

SEND Department

Mrs J Sullivan Deputy SENCO
Miss H Cruttenden SEN Administrator
Mrs S Lewis LTA: Interventions
Miss J Epps LTA: Interventions
Mr J Holloway TA: VI & SEN Coordinator
Miss D Denbeigh TA
Mrs M Derbyshire TA
Mrs K Brannan TA: Secondary Ready
Mrs S Hilton-Haynes TA: VI
Mrs A Holton TA: VI
Miss A Ingram TA: VI
Miss F Haines TA: Secondary Ready
Mrs D Harris TA
Miss K Dean TA

ICT Support Staff

Mr M Blake Trust ICT Strategy and Project Manager
Mr D Savage Trust Deputy ICT Manager
Mr P Anderson Senior ICT Technician
Mr J Ferris ICT Technician

Administrative Staff

Mrs R Light Trust Personnel and Marketing Manager
Mrs T Swift Trust Finance and Premises Manager
Mrs D Fitch PA to the Headteacher & Office Manager
Ms N Adams Management Information Officer
Ms B Johnson Examinations Manager
Mrs M Darvell SLT Administrator
Mrs K Vickers Receptionist
Mrs A Ormsby Personnel Officer
Mrs J Reynolds Finance & Payroll Officer
Mrs C Elassri Reprographics Clerk
Mrs J Underwood Administration Assistant
Mrs T Ashman Clerk to the Governors

Site Staff

Mr R Adams Trust Estates Manager | CDS Site Manager
Mr T Pomeroy Assistant Site Manager
Mr P Harling Caretaker