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One of our VI pupils has been practising his braille and how to structure a letter with paragraphs.He used his skills to write to Tottenham Hotspur and received this response ! What a lovely letter to get back.#cdsvi


Sustrans were in school for the second session with our Pupil Voice team last week. We looked at with an Engineer, and suggested ways that we can improve the roads to make them safety and user friendly for cyclists, and pedestrians.


Our VI pupils have been raising money for two charities close to their hearts – Porchlight (the School’s chosen charity) and Great Ormond Street Hospital.Our leading girls took on a sponsored walk raising a staggering £222.00 (£111.00 for each charity).


Please see attached a poster advertising an upcoming Under 18’s disco for Year 9 upwards (ages 13-17) at Retort House, Broadstairs. Broadstairs and St Peters Town Council are really keen to promote Retort House as a welcoming, safe environment for young people in the town.



Congratulations to our Term 1 Take it Further task competition winners! Pupils submitted a range of fantastic work The quality of work was very impressive and well done to these pupils for pushing their learning the extra mile.


This Wellbeing Wednesday, we are looking at how to cope with ‘worry’. How do you explain worry? - It is a caution signal, a natural response to a big event, change, or challenge, a way of thinking and feeling ahead: "Am I ready for this?How do I train my brain to stop worrying?



The Children’s Commissioner is encouraging our young people to complete her survey. She will be using what they say to inform what she says to politicians and decision makers. The survey is open for a few more weeks. .


Our wonderful Anti-Bullying team worked hard to promote Anti-Bullying week last week . They set up a stall for pupils to write a Random Act of Kindness card to give to other pupils/staff. There were many Acts of Kindness so well done to the Team!#cdsantibullying


CDS will be taking part in Disability History Month this year - The focus is childhood and youth. As well as sessions in tutor time, pupils will be able to create presentations/posters showing how things have improved for children and young people through history.


This year’s Black History Month theme our Sisters, brought about some amazing work and thought provoking work from our pupils that we are proud to showcase. Well done everyone who took part!#cdsblackhistorymonth


The rain held off for the majority of the Remembrance service held at the Broadstairs War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday this year. Our head pupils, Amelie and Teaghan, honoured the memorial by laying a wreath on behalf of the School.Lest we forget ....#cdsremembrance


The Charles Dickens School is the highest performing non-selective school in East Kent - see our Headteacher's press release attached for more details.


Year 7s went to RHA for a dodgeball tournament. CDS were in the final game against RHA and came out victorious winners after a sudden death catch! It was an amazing show of teamwork and dedication from both teams!#cdsdodgeball


Anti-bullying week is 13 to 17 November. The theme this year is “Make a Noise About Bullying”.Pupils will carry out Random Acts of Kindness and they will also be able to purchase anti-bullying bracelets for 10 pence, on sale in the Heart.#cdsantibullying


Y7 had a fire safety talk from Kent Fire and Rescue Service. They looked at the dangers and consequences of arson, as well as considering the ways that they can keep themselves safe in the community. Thank you to KFRS for coming in!#cdsY7


CDS pupils recently enjoyed a trip to the Houses of Parliament, in which they had the opportunity to visit the House of Commons and learn about the history of democracy and devolution in the UK. We can’t wait for the next Houses of Parliament trip!#CDSSociology


This Wellbeing Wednesday we are looking at techniques for ‘Writing for wellbeing’. Writing for wellbeing, also known as expressive writing or creative writing for therapeutic purposes ,is a simple and rewarding way to develop self-expression and make space for reflection.


A reminder that our senior prefect team are selling poppies and British Legion merchandise at both break time and lunchtime in the Heart. Pupils can purchase these items for a donation,Thank you for your support.#cdscharities


Ever feel like your voice isn’t heard as a young person? Vote in the Kent Youth County Council elections! KYCC is open to all young people aged 11 to 18 years. We have two candidates applying – Amie and Zoe. Read their policies below!#kycc


CDS have an opportunity for our Y7 pupils to take part in a 7-week workshop with the Emotional Wellbeing Team looking at ways to better manage worries and maintain our wellbeing. See the poster for information on signing up.


Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Ms K Cardus Executive Headteacher
Mr W Smith Headteacher
Mrs C Benard-Grosso BCAT Senior Deputy Headteacher: Teaching & Learning and Thinking Schools
Mrs K Harrison Deputy Headteacher: Quality of Education
Mrs L Kettle Deputy Headteacher: Pastoral Care / DSL / Safeguarding
Mr R Henderson Deputy Headteacher: Impact of Education
Mr A Weller Assistant Headteacher: Quality of Education
Mr D Lee Assistant Headteacher: Behaviour & Attitudes
Mrs L Roden Assistant Headteacher: Personal Development / Primary Transition
Mr D Shepperson Associate Assistant Headteacher: Attendance

Extended Leadership Team

Mrs M Humphrys Director of English (acting)
Miss S Arthurs Director of Mathematics
Mrs R Quaye Director of Science
Mr J Howard Director of Business/ICT & Performance Director: Open Element

BCAT Business Management Team

Mr M Blake Trust ICT Strategy and Projects Manager
Mrs R Light Trust Personnel and Marketing Manager
Mrs C Cuddington Trust Chief Finance Officer

Heads of Year & Assistant Heads of Year

Mr L Jones Head of Year 7
Mrs M Derbyshire Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs K Pluckrose Head of Year 8
Ms S White Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr D Gonzalez Bello Head of Year 9
Mrs L Knight Assistant Head of Year 9
Miss J Barrell Head of Year 10
Mrs J Swinden Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr L Taylor Head of Year 11
Mrs K Thorn Assistant Head of Year 11

Business Studies Department

Mr J Howard Director of Business, ICT & Performance Director for the Open Element
Mr W Smith Teacher of Business Studies/Headteacher
Mr D Lee Teacher of Business Studies/Asst Headteacher

Computing Department

Mr J Howard Director of Business, ICT & Performance Director for the Open Element
Mr D Shepperson Teacher of ICT / Assoc Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Masters Teacher of ICT

Design & Technology Department

Mrs S Cottrell Trust Director of DT
Mrs K Naylor Lead Teacher of DT
Miss C Sutton Teacher of Engineering
Mr C Cotter DT Technician

English Department

Miss K Burvill Director of English (maternity)
Mrs M Humphrys Director of English (acting)
Miss E Luck 2nd in English: KS4
Mrs E Endersby 2nd in English: Professional Tutor
Mrs A Silva 2nd in English (acting)
Miss G Harris Teacher of English / Lead Teacher of Media
Miss I Humphreys Teacher of English
Mrs M Humphrys 2nd in English 
Miss S Wilson Teacher of English
Miss E Hunter Teacher of English: Literacy Co-ordinator
Miss L Butterfield Teacher of English / Lead Teacher of Sociology
Mrs J Shaw Teacher of English/SENCo
Mrs J Carman Teacher of English
Ms R Gammon Teacher

Geography Department

Mrs E Milligan Lead Teacher of Geography & Travel & Tourism
Mrs K Harrison Teacher of Geography / Deputy Headteacher
Mrs B Shepherd Teacher of Geography / Numeracy Coordinator
Mrs K Lott Teacher of Geography

Health & Social Care and Child Development Department

Ms K Oborne Lead Teacher of Health & Social Care and Child Development

History Department

Miss A Murphy Lead Teacher of History
Mr A Weller Teacher of History / Assistant Headteacher
Mrs N Griffin Teacher of History / Senior Lead Practitioner

Hospitality & Catering

Mrs K Naylor Lead Teacher of Hospitality & Catering
Miss V Grossmith Teacher of Hospitality & Catering / Lead Practitioner
Miss E Williams Hospitality & Catering Technician

Mathematics Department

Miss S Arthurs Director of Mathematics
Mr G Hough 2nd in Mathematics
Mrs A Harding 2nd in Mathematics
Mr D Gonzalez-Bello Teacher of Mathematics / Head of Year
Miss A Johnson Teacher of Mathematics / PHSE Co-ordinator
Miss M Stait Teacher of Mathematics
Miss M Totadze Teacher of Mathematics
Miss M Gallie Teacher of Mathematics

Modern Foreign Languages Department

Mrs D Jordan Lead Teacher of MFL (maternity leave)
Mrs Z Johnson Lead Teacher of  MFL (acting) / Pupil Premium Co-ordinator
vacancy Teacher of MFL

Music Department

Miss J Barrell Lead Teacher of Music | Duke of Edinburgh Co-Ordinator

PE Department

Mr D Allen Lead Teacher of PE / Senior Lead Practitioner
Mrs L Kettle Teacher of PE / Deputy Headteacher
Mr L Taylor Teacher of PE /| Head of Year
Mrs L Roden Teacher of PE / Assistant Headteacher
Mr H Elvambuena Teacher of PE
Miss P Godden Teacher of PE

Performing Arts Department

Miss H Gore Lead Teacher of  Performing Arts
Mr L Jones Teacher of Performing Arts / Head of Year
Mrs P Cullen Teacher of Performing Arts

RE Department

Mr S Goodall Lead Teacher of RE / Lead Practitioner
Mr K Williams Teacher of RE

Science Department

Mrs R Quaye Director of Science
Miss L Beeston 2nd in Science
Mr R Henderson Teacher of Science / Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Pluckrose 2nd in Science / QTVI / HOY
Mr R Smith Teacher of Science
Mr L Curtis Specialist Teacher of Science
Miss H Dhillon Teacher of Science  
Mrs W Crago 2nd in Science
Miss D Farmer Teacher of Science
Miss K Briant Trainee Teacher of Science
Miss J Corby Senior Science Technician

Sociology Department

Miss L Butterfield

Lead Teacher of Sociology

Travel & Tourism Department

Mrs E Milligan Lead Teacher of Travel & Tourism

Visual Arts Department

Mrs S Chapman Lead Teacher of Visual Arts
Mrs P Matthews-Crow Teacher of Visual Arts
Mrs C Harrison Teacher of  Visual Arts
Miss A Dinham Teacher of Visual Arts
Mrs D Harrison Art Technician

Cover Supervisors

Mr D Cullen Cover Supervisor
Ms L Brocklehurst Cover Supervisor

Student Support Department

Miss L Aubry Safeguarding and CIC Welfare Manager
Miss S Tyler Safeguarding and CIC Welfare Manager
Mrs K Lucas Attendance Improvement Manager: KS3
Ms S Spain Attendance Improvement Manager: KS4
Mrs J Clewley Behaviour & Pastoral Assistant
Mrs L Jones Behaviour & Pastoral Assistant
Mrs Z Shrimpton Alternative Provision Manager
Miss E Read Isolation Manager & Careers Coordinator
Mrs H Roos School Medical Officer

SEND Department

Mrs J Shaw SENCo
Mrs J Sullivan Deputy SENCo
Mrs S Lewis LTA: Interventions
Miss H Stanley LTA: Interventions
Mr J Holloway TA: Adaptive Support
Mrs K Strich TA 
Miss F Haines TA 
Mrs S Hilton-Haynes TA: VI
Mrs A Holton TA: VI
Miss A Ingram TA: VI
Miss D Denbeigh TA
Mrs D Harris TA
Miss D Berry TA
Mr A Barrett TA
Mrs D Greig TA
Mrs S Smith TA
Miss L Fulker PD TA
Mr N Cavell TA - Alternative Provision
Ms K Roberts TA - SIPD
Mrs J Underwood SEN Administrator

Administrative Staff

Mrs D Fitch PA to the Headteacher & Office Manager
Mrs R Light Trust HR Manager  
Miss B Dott Trust HR Assistant
Mrs C Parkins Trust HR Assistant
Mrs S Kim Management Information Officer
Miss L Turner Examinations Manager
Mrs M Darvell SLT Administrator
Mrs K Vickers Receptionist
Mrs C Elassri Reprographics Clerk
Mrs G Carey Administration Assistant
Mrs V White Clerk to the Governors


Mrs C Cuddington Trust Chief Finance Officer
Mrs N Higham Trust Finance Assistant
Miss K Huntlea Trust Finance Officer

ICT Support Staff

Mr M Blake Trust ICT Strategy & Projects Manager
Mr D Savage Trust Deputy ICT & Projects Manager
Mr P Anderson Senior ICT Technician

Site Staff

Mr R Adams Trust Estates Manager | CDS Site Manager
Mr T Pomeroy Assistant Site Manager
Mr P Harling Assistant Site Manager