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One of our VI pupils has been practising his braille and how to structure a letter with paragraphs.He used his skills to write to Tottenham Hotspur and received this response ! What a lovely letter to get back.#cdsvi


Sustrans were in school for the second session with our Pupil Voice team last week. We looked at with an Engineer, and suggested ways that we can improve the roads to make them safety and user friendly for cyclists, and pedestrians.


Our VI pupils have been raising money for two charities close to their hearts – Porchlight (the School’s chosen charity) and Great Ormond Street Hospital.Our leading girls took on a sponsored walk raising a staggering £222.00 (£111.00 for each charity).


Please see attached a poster advertising an upcoming Under 18’s disco for Year 9 upwards (ages 13-17) at Retort House, Broadstairs. Broadstairs and St Peters Town Council are really keen to promote Retort House as a welcoming, safe environment for young people in the town.



Congratulations to our Term 1 Take it Further task competition winners! Pupils submitted a range of fantastic work The quality of work was very impressive and well done to these pupils for pushing their learning the extra mile.


This Wellbeing Wednesday, we are looking at how to cope with ‘worry’. How do you explain worry? - It is a caution signal, a natural response to a big event, change, or challenge, a way of thinking and feeling ahead: "Am I ready for this?How do I train my brain to stop worrying?



The Children’s Commissioner is encouraging our young people to complete her survey. She will be using what they say to inform what she says to politicians and decision makers. The survey is open for a few more weeks. .


Our wonderful Anti-Bullying team worked hard to promote Anti-Bullying week last week . They set up a stall for pupils to write a Random Act of Kindness card to give to other pupils/staff. There were many Acts of Kindness so well done to the Team!#cdsantibullying


CDS will be taking part in Disability History Month this year - The focus is childhood and youth. As well as sessions in tutor time, pupils will be able to create presentations/posters showing how things have improved for children and young people through history.


This year’s Black History Month theme our Sisters, brought about some amazing work and thought provoking work from our pupils that we are proud to showcase. Well done everyone who took part!#cdsblackhistorymonth


The rain held off for the majority of the Remembrance service held at the Broadstairs War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday this year. Our head pupils, Amelie and Teaghan, honoured the memorial by laying a wreath on behalf of the School.Lest we forget ....#cdsremembrance


The Charles Dickens School is the highest performing non-selective school in East Kent - see our Headteacher's press release attached for more details.


Year 7s went to RHA for a dodgeball tournament. CDS were in the final game against RHA and came out victorious winners after a sudden death catch! It was an amazing show of teamwork and dedication from both teams!#cdsdodgeball


Anti-bullying week is 13 to 17 November. The theme this year is “Make a Noise About Bullying”.Pupils will carry out Random Acts of Kindness and they will also be able to purchase anti-bullying bracelets for 10 pence, on sale in the Heart.#cdsantibullying


Y7 had a fire safety talk from Kent Fire and Rescue Service. They looked at the dangers and consequences of arson, as well as considering the ways that they can keep themselves safe in the community. Thank you to KFRS for coming in!#cdsY7


CDS pupils recently enjoyed a trip to the Houses of Parliament, in which they had the opportunity to visit the House of Commons and learn about the history of democracy and devolution in the UK. We can’t wait for the next Houses of Parliament trip!#CDSSociology


This Wellbeing Wednesday we are looking at techniques for ‘Writing for wellbeing’. Writing for wellbeing, also known as expressive writing or creative writing for therapeutic purposes ,is a simple and rewarding way to develop self-expression and make space for reflection.


A reminder that our senior prefect team are selling poppies and British Legion merchandise at both break time and lunchtime in the Heart. Pupils can purchase these items for a donation,Thank you for your support.#cdscharities


Ever feel like your voice isn’t heard as a young person? Vote in the Kent Youth County Council elections! KYCC is open to all young people aged 11 to 18 years. We have two candidates applying – Amie and Zoe. Read their policies below!#kycc


CDS have an opportunity for our Y7 pupils to take part in a 7-week workshop with the Emotional Wellbeing Team looking at ways to better manage worries and maintain our wellbeing. See the poster for information on signing up.


Enrichment Activities

Character Education

The Charles Dickens School offers a broad range of enrichment activities, designed to develop our pupils as a whole person, through the PSHEE curriculum, extra-curricular activities and Cultural Capital activities.

Character Education enables us to provide experiential learning opportunities to pupils.

Character Education helps pupils to develop their interests and abilities, provides valuable learning experiences outside their studies, and promotes independence and interpersonal links with pupils in other year groups.

The core aims of our Character Education programme are to:

  • Develop pupils’ resilience
  • Promote co-curricular opportunities to broaden pupils’ horizons
  • Develop independence, self-esteem and responsibility
  • Play an active role as members of a democratic society
  • Make the most of their own abilities and those of others
  • Behave in a socially and morally acceptable way including towards authority and each other
  • Encourage pupils to become involved in the life of their community, both inside and outside of school.
  • Value the achievements they make, and the achievements of others
  • Make informed choices about dealing with risks and meeting challenges now and in the future.
  • Decide on values by which they want to live their lives, helping pupils make informed, ethical choices.
  • Prepare pupils for the future, pathways and progression with pupils realising their potential.
  • Develop a sense of belonging that allows pupils to have a voice and to influence society.
  • Develop confident communicators.


The Charles Dickens School Core Values of Character

The school values of Compassion, Aspiration, Resilience and Enthusiasm are embedded into the planning and delivery of Character Education within the school.  Consistent promotion, delivery and reference to our core values to our pupils encourage them continue their development to become well-rounded and exceptional young people:

Compassion; empathy, kindness and an understanding of those around us.

Aspiration; challenge oneself to pursue our dreams and ambitions.

Resilience; manage the change in our lives and develop coping mechanisms to make the right choices and overcome obstacles.

Enthusiasm; to have the energy, equilibrium and happiness in life.

Recognising Character:

We know how important it is for pupils to be rewarded and recognised for doing the right thing. Pupils have the opportunity to earn over 50 badges that represent our “pupils of character”, ranging from Orator, College Bowl champions, Attendance, Intercollege Champion and pupil leadership roles and so many more.

We truly believe in the power of empowering pupils to tell their own story of personal development through these badges; proudly displaying the characteristics and values that they have achieved.

CARE values:

Throughout the academic year, pupils will be exposed to the CARE values consistently to embed the importance of these values as future life skills, alongside opportunities within the Personal Development curriculum to broaden pupils’ experience of extra-curricular opportunities to develop them as a whole.

Continued exposure to the school’s core values (CARE) will allow the consideration of these values to become routine, alongside the explicit highlighting of specific values through PSHE, assemblies and extra-curricular provisions.

Character Caught:

Pupils will develop the strength of their character through the regular reinforcement and empowerment of the school’s CARE values. Character will be caught through the ethos and the values of the school.

Character Taught:

Pupils are provided with structured teaching of character, through lessons, PSHE, assemblies and form time. Throughout the school year, the school CARE values, virtue and character are consistently taught.

Character Sought:

Pupils are provided with multiple opportunities to encourage them to actively seek to develop their own character, for example through (but not limited to) Duke of Edinburgh award, PIXL LORIC, Diana Anti-Bullying award and Debate club, alongside our extra-curricular offer. 

Pupils are given opportunities within school to experience:

  • Outside speakers into assemblies
  • One off workshops
  • Long term programmes
  • Drop in sessions
  • Vote in school-based elections
  • Pupil Voice (Sit on pupil council and various ‘drive teams’).
  • Attend clubs at lunchtime, and after-school
  • Go on school trips
  • Brilliant Club
  • Gifted & Talented club


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