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This mini activity on really helps to alleviate stress. It’s free, safe and anonymous support for young people. It’s available for 10-25 yr olds in


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The Food Scanner App is a handy health hack for families that helps them to swap unhealthy foods that are higher in sugar, saturated fat and salt, to healthier choices. You can find out more by visiting


Wellbeing Wednesday: Stress! Stress can have a negative effect on the basic dimensions of mental health and may affect your health if you use unhealthy behaviours to cope.


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We're looking for a Non Executive Director/Trustee for the Barton Court Academy Trust. If this is something that interests you we would love to talk to you. Click the link for further details:


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Are you interested in being one of our School Governors, if so come and talk to us or click the link below for further details:


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Just 4 weeks to go until our amazing new free school is finished


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Are you OK with AI? 🤖💻 Artificial intelligence is a long-standing risk. This week’s guide introduces you to Replika: an advanced chatbot that gradually learns to be more like its user 👬 Download >>


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The Diana Award's National Anti-Bullying Youth Board gives young people the opportunity to further develop their antibullying work in school and become a role model for other students. Are you passionate about tackling bullying behaviour? 👉👉


Welcome to your Weekly Wellbeing Message - This week students are looking at how diet can improve mental health and mood. 7 Foods to Boost Serotonin for Improving Mental Health and Mood.


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Kooth’s confidential and anonymous digital mental health service is available to young people aged 11-18 years old. 🧠🫂 If you or someone you know needs support, our service is safe and free for dependents of current and former bank employees.


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Our Youth Board members often represent The Diana Award at external events, so keep an eye out and you may get to meet them soon! Are you passionate about tackling bullying behaviour? Visit the link below to find out more. 👉👉


Here is an opportunity for all you football fans with children that come to school in the Thanet area! Free entry to next Saturday's match at Ramsgate FC. Please follow the link to reserve your tickets.


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We're looking for a Chair of Governors for Barton Court Grammar School Local Governing Body starting in the Spring. Click here to see if this is something you might be interested in.


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Don't forget our Sixth Form Open Evening on Wednesday 26 January - click here to book a place at the Headteacher Presentations, 7pm or 8pm


Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome you the first Wellbeing Wednesday message of the year. This week students are looking at how we can start the New Year with a positive attitude.


Hospitality & Catering Winter Wonderland WOW! Just look at the amazing festive creations from our super H&C students. These are the winners of the Winter Wonderland!


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Barton Manor School is really getting there now. The interiors are going in and it's looking incredible.


Welcome to the final Wellbeing message of 2021! This week we are looking how giving to others at this time of year can improve our Wellbeing. Research suggests that acts of giving, and kindness, can help improve our mental wellbeing.


Christmas Charity – This year, students and staff have collected items for a local foodbank at the Six Bells Children’s Centre in Margate. Well done to all involved, and a particular shout out to Miss Lebby and Mrs Darvell for organising.


Welcome to your weekly Wellbeing Wednesday message – This week students are looking at the Mental Cleanse Challenge. Attached are some daily challenges to try!


This Wellbeing Wednesday, we are looking at how music can improve our wellbeing - Research suggests that music can stimulate the body's natural feel good chemicals. It can energise our mood and help us to take control of our feelings.


Awards Evening gave rise to an experience never to be forgotten by 40 H&C students from years 9, 10 and 11! 20 chefs behind the scenes produced 3200 canapes, 20 others worked 'front of house'. Well done to all who worked so hard; we are very proud of you!


It's Wellbeing Wednesday and there is definitely a chill in the air this week! Some of us can struggle with our mental health and wellbeing during the colder months We have put together some winter themed tips to protect your wellbeing (attached).


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In our new report - Kooth in the Capital, we look at the rise of crisis amongst CYP in , how the pandemic has affected their and how parents & teachers can safely signpost and spot any signs of distress. ⬇️


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This is a story about Lois, it shows the way HeadStart can support children and young people. It's an oldie but a goodie and we can still offer the support to young people that need it today. Check it out here 👉


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Are you crypto-savvy?💰💻 This week’s guide brings you the basics of cryptocurrency 💲. From Bitcoin to Tezos - what is it, who uses it and what are the potential risks? Download your free guide >>


Thanks to everyone who supported us in our fundraising on Friday 19th November, for Children in Need. We held a non-school uniform day, sold Children in Need accessories and raised a whopping £1,576.85 Well done to everyone involved!!


It's Wellbeing Wednesday! This week we are looking at how acts of kindness can have a positive effect on wellbeing. The expression “it is better to give than receive” is backed by research so have a look at the attached for useful tips.


CDS students can have their say on local issues by voting in the Kent Youth County Council Elections! Click on the following link to vote from 15th November - 28th November: See Miss Butterfield in school if you need any help voting.


Monday 15th to Friday 15 November is Anti-Bullying Week. The School's student Anti-Bullying Team are carrying out activities with students, such as Random Acts of Kindness, and they are selling anti-bullying wrist bands at break and lunch time.


Retweeted From Anti-Bullying Pro (from charity The Diana Award)

The isolation caused by covid-19 has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers & brighten the lives of the people around us. That’s why this year’s theme is , highlighting how one kind word can truly make a difference.


It's Wellbeing Wednesday! This week students are looking at the question of what is good physical wellbeing? Wishing you all a positive week !


Maths Week England (8-12 Nov) was set up with the goal of ensuring that no child misses out on the opportunities that being a confident and competent mathematician can give them. CDS are running enrichment activities to encourage students' further studying of maths.


CDS Prefect Instagram - A message to students from the Prefect Team: Welcome back everyone! We hope everybody had a great half term. Every term is a fresh start, every day is an opportunity to strive for more. Challenge yourselves this term!


Thanet Schools Young Artists Festival 2021 is open at The Margate School, with prize giving on Saturday 6 November at 12 noon. Over 600 paintings are being exhibited from Thanet schools and colleges. Free parking is near the Winter Gardens and Trinity Square.


Textiles - In this Year 10 project, students explored the idea of cells linking in with their science studies. They were able to pull their knowledge together to create interesting and experimental observations and fabric pieces.


UK Parliament Week 1-7 November – Students will receive PSHE sessions based on UK Parliament and the democratic process. There will be a quiz to test knowledge and a school wide vote on a topic that the Debate Team will focus on.

Labour Market Information


Labour Market Information (LMI) can provide us with insights into different jobs and opportunities, telling us what is available now or predicted to be in the future. It can be gathered from a wide array of sources from websites run by Government funded organisations, through to adverts for job vacancies in local papers and online. Even anecdotal sources such as conversations with friends and family can give us information on who maybe recruiting. Each source can provide us with information on the labour market.

Turning it into intelligence, however, is key. To do that it is important to ask yourself, “How was the information gathered, when, by whom and for what purpose?” This will affect what the data is attempting to prove (if biased) or what it may mean for you and your career decisions.

For example: If the data was collected five years ago? How reliable is it? (not very) However, if the data was collected last week it is likely to be more reliable.  

Tools such as can help us access basic data on different jobs which, is helpful for a broad picture but very generalised. The pros and cons of this are outlined below:


To create a clearer picture, it is important to try and use more than one source of information to get as big a view as possible (much like when you check more than one “customer satisfaction” surveys and “review” sites when buying a car, laptop or new mobile phone). Using more than one source of data increases the odds of accuracy.

TOP TIP: LMI is often seen as a reliable prediction of the future; this isn’t always the case as any forecast is open to fluctuations and change. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the further away the prediction is, the more open to change the forecast will be.


Research helps you to find out what is possible and is key to understanding what is going on. It can sometimes be a little tricky though so, remember there are plenty of sources of support to help you with this… parents, carers, teachers, friends and your careers adviser! Below we have added some useful LMI web links as well as some downloadable posters which, cover the labour market in Kent; we hope you find them helpful.

Once you have looked at the data and information, it is then YOUR CHOICE what you would like to do in the future.

Good luck with your research!


Data packs by district:

Economic forecast:



Region reports:

UK: ,

Sector forecasts:  





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