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With the end of Term 5 approaching, it's a good time to remind pupils of the provision available should they need help with their mental health and wellbeing.Online support- support- support- 07520618850 – Chat health


We are delighted to announce that we have successfully gained a place on the School Food Champions programme. “Bite Back 2030” is a youth-led movement working to achieve a world where all young people have the opportunity to be healthy, no matter where they live.#cdsfoodtech


We are extremely proud of our pupils who took part in the Junior Maths Challenge. Congratulations to everyone who took part, with particular mention to our bronze and silver award winners – well done everyone!#cdsmaths


Y10 Travel and Tourism pupils spent time in Broadstairs conducting market research. The research was connected to the town facilities and the type of tourist who might visit the area, and enabled pupils to understand some tourism trends in the travel and tourism sector.#cdstto


Y7 girls competed in an Orienteering event at Betteshanger Park. Pupils were given a map with checkpoints around the park which they had to explore to look for secret codes. CDS came 1st out of 12 teams competing! Congratulations and well done to all who took part!#cdssport


Y7 pupils took part in a careers event, “what are my skills?”, delivered by EBP. Workshop tutors encouraged them to reflect on the skills they have, as well as thinking about the need to develop, to be successful in their time at school and in adult life.#cdscareers


CDS are seeking to recruit a Second in Mathematics, required for September 2023. For more information and full post description please do go:


Vacancy - BCAT Specialist Mathematics Teacher required for September 2023. For more information and full post description please go to:


Year 10 are continuing with their picnic theme. This time working on classic British biscuits!Bourbons and Custard Creams, all ready to dunk into a steaming cuppa! Lovely!#cdshospitality



This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus is on “Anxiety”, a common emotion that we’ve likely experienced at some point in our lives. Anxiety signs and symptoms - Mind


It's confirmed - CDS is a "Good" school !#cdsofsted


Y7 & 8 pupils, along with Y9 Food Prefects, enjoyed creating loaded nachos at our after school “Food Club”. They transformed a basic chilli, added seasoning and spices of their choice, and added toppings to homemade nacho chips. Delicious!#cdsfoodtech



CDS pupils travelled to Wembley this weekend to watch the Women’s FA Cup Final. A thrilling match ended in a 1-0 win to Chelsea against Manchester Utd. The inspirational England Lionesses were playing on both teams! What an opportunity for our pupils!#cdssport



Competition Time!Pupils are asked to share their experience of the King’s coronation by creating a piece of artwork. Entries should be submitted to Mrs Chapman by 22 May.Good luck everyone!#cdsart


It’s Wellbeing Wednesday and we are looking at the benefits of open water swimming. This link shows areas near to you to visit for you to dip your toes into open water swimming.Wishing you all a positive week .#cdswellbeing


Year 10 have been busy making their Coronation quiches. Beautifully decorated with festive flair, I’m sure you’ll agree they look delicious and would make terrific picnic dishes for the weekend’s celebrations.


Year 10 Hospitality students have been working on Coronation Day picnic ideas for the coming weekend. I’m sure you’ll agree they are fit for a King!#cdshospitality



On Saturday the Coronation of King Charles III takes place. However you choose to celebrate, it will bring people together and we know that this is proven to improve our wellbeing. See what's going on in Thanet here


21 KS4 Hospitality Club pupils have signed up to Thorley Tavern’s ‘Earn While you Learn’ programme. This is a great opportunity for them to learn whilst training, and receive a wealth of experience as they ease into the world of work. Good luck to the trainees!#cdshospitality


We are very proud of our Year 8 pupil, Freddy, who plays cricket for the Talent Pathway squad, Kent Cricket. With this season’s cricket getting underway, we wish Freddy all the luck with upcoming matches.#cdssport


Outreach worker Lena Sorachina from St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford, came to CDS to promote the importance pupils having high aspirations and achieving their goals. Lena is running 170km over 5 days, visiting her partner schools in East Kent.

Labour Market Information


Labour Market Information (LMI) can provide us with insights into different jobs and opportunities, telling us what is available now or predicted to be in the future. It can be gathered from a wide array of sources from websites run by Government funded organisations, through to adverts for job vacancies in local papers and online. Even anecdotal sources such as conversations with friends and family can give us information on who maybe recruiting. Each source can provide us with information on the labour market.

Turning it into intelligence, however, is key. To do that it is important to ask yourself, “How was the information gathered, when, by whom and for what purpose?” This will affect what the data is attempting to prove (if biased) or what it may mean for you and your career decisions.

For example: If the data was collected five years ago? How reliable is it? (not very) However, if the data was collected last week it is likely to be more reliable.  

Tools such as can help us access basic data on different jobs which, is helpful for a broad picture but very generalised.


To create a clearer picture, it is important to try and use more than one source of information to get as big a view as possible (much like when you check more than one “customer satisfaction” surveys and “review” sites when buying a car, laptop or new mobile phone). Using more than one source of data increases the odds of accuracy.

TOP TIP: LMI is often seen as a reliable prediction of the future; this isn’t always the case as any forecast is open to fluctuations and change. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the further away the prediction is, the more open to change the forecast will be.


Research helps you to find out what is possible and is key to understanding what is going on. It can sometimes be a little tricky though so, remember there are plenty of sources of support to help you with this… parents, carers, teachers, friends and your careers adviser! Below we have added some useful LMI web links as well as some downloadable posters which, cover the labour market in Kent; we hope you find them helpful.

Once you have looked at the data and information, it is then YOUR CHOICE what you would like to do in the future.

Good luck with your research!


Data packs by district:




Sector forecasts:  




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