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Today we said farewell to our Year 11s who have worked tirelessly through their GCSE exams. A final assembly, brought tears and laughter looking back over their 5 years at CDS. We wish them all well in their next adventure!


Wellbeing Wednesday! Last week we endured some very hot weather which for some of us was warmly received but for others, very uncomfortable. Attached are some top tips for staying cool in the hot weather.


CDS is proud to host the Arts Festival this year celebrating the multiple talents of our fabulous students, showcasing all things creative! Families of current & Y6 students, are invited and we look forward to seeing you on 30 June between 5-7pm.


A VI student embarked on his effective communication unit, part of his AQA award scheme, using his brailling skills to raise money for TAG Pet Rescue making staff name tags. He raised a whopping £175! A representative came to thank him for all his hard work.


Navy Chefs came into school to work with H&C classes this week, briefing them on careers in the Catering arm of the Navy, and showing some amazing pictures of cooking around the world. Can learning be fun? - ‘absolutely, yes!’ – the kids had a blast! …


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A dispersal order has been put in place in town centre this afternoon, giving police additional powers to move on anyone causing a nuisance and, if necessary, arrest those who return to the area once dispersed.


Y7 & 8 students continue to compete in the school’s Knowledge Organiser quizzes. Quick fire questions, on the buzzer, have challenged the recall of all of their knowledge. Here are some of the top placed Year 7 students with their certificates of award.


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If your child knows gaming, they’ll probably know Twitch 🎮💻 It’s a livestreaming community for dedicated gamers – but in among the helpful tips, some risks are lurking. Our guide investigates 🔎 Download >>


CDS students have now successfully completed their DofE assessed Bronze expedition, completing all of the evidence needed for their bronze award. Well done to all involved and a massive thank you to all staff who supported the expedition!


Wellbeing Wednesday! How does feeling guilty affect our wellbeing? Mindfulness can help us to accept our feelings and begin self-forgiveness. It can help you understand your emotions.


Y10 art students took part in the English Heritage Art exhibition at Walmer Castle this year. Their work was inspired by their visits to the grounds and gardens of the Castle was displayed over the weekend as part of their Blooming gardens Event. Well done!


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Last summer, our Holiday Activities and Food clubs helped over 600,000 children to keep active, learn new things and enjoy healthy meals. It’s great that supermarkets and sports organisations will also help disadvantaged children during the summer holidays this year.


Well done to all of our DofE students with their volunteering efforts! We are proud of all of you!


Wellbeing Wednesday - It's International Bike Week! Top 5 reasons to get cycling: It gets you out in the open Aerobic exercise reduces anxiety You can ride a bike socially It's a proven stress reliever It's easy to fit into your daily life


Wishing you all a great May half term! Enjoy the break and the Queen's Jubilee long weekend and celebrations. Students return on Monday 6 June.


CDS pupils took part in the Kent School Games virtual indoor rowing competition and the results are in! CDS finished in the following positions: Year 8 Boys – 2nd Place Year 8 Girls – 1st Place Year 9 Boys – 4th Place Year 9 Girls – 3rd Place Year 10 Boys – 4thPlace


Wellbeing Wednesday: This week as the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend approaches, and her 70 years of service recognised, we are looking at the secret to a long and healthy life and how to maintain healthy habits!


A student from our Visually Impaired Unit has completed a mini project on Japan for his Unit Award Scheme – He had to produce a mini fact sheet which contained lots of interesting facts about Japan. The sushi and cookies went down well with all the staff in the VI unit!


A selection of Y10 students visited Kent University, where they looked at the question of whether humans can live forever, from scientific and humanitarian perspectives. There were some fantastic presentations, and some thoughtful ideas on the topic.


Y7 History have been learning about the Atlantic Slave Trade and were set homework to identify and carry out a small piece of research on an instance of slavery throughout history. It was their choice how to present the work - in a paragraph, a poster, or as a cake!!!


Wellbeing Wednesday: This week we are looking at how meditation improves wellbeing. Meditation produces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. Links to meditation:


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“National Online Safety has joined the server” 🎮💬 Discord helps around 390 million gamers globally to communicate and cooperate. Mixing young and older users, however, can cause risks. Our guide investigates 🔍 Download >>


Please see the attached for important dates for our Year 6 into 7 parents & carers, for September 2022 Admissions.


Year 9 and 10 Drama students went to The Orchard Theatre in Dartford to watch The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. A teenage boy’s journey following the murder of his neighbour’s dog, Wellington, which turns his world upside down!


Y10 Maximising Success: Students took part in a workshop with The Life Skills Company to help improve their study and revision skills and techniques, practising some key tools for revision and recall.


The School’s Emotional Wellbeing Team delivered an “Understanding Your Own Mental Health” workshop to a group of year 10s. The workshop explored what mental health is and considered what mental health means to the students.


Duke of Edinburgh Award - CDS took pupils on a practice expedition for their Bronze Award. As a joint expedition with BCGS , the groups went to Ross Wood camp site. The next expedition is in June, when they will be under assessment for their Bronze Award - Good luck!


Our Wellbeing Wednesday this week is focused on Mental Health Awareness Week which focuses on loneliness this year. What is the real meaning of loneliness? Loneliness is the state of being alone and feeling sad about it.


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If you feel lonely, support is available at Kooth this . Visit to speak to a qualified professional or find support from the Kooth community. It's available for 10-25 yr olds in &


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. We may all feel lonely at times. Millions of us hide feelings of loneliness. By coming together we can tackle loneliness and help prevent mental health problems.


CDS are looking to appoint a Director of Science. Please click the link below if you are interested or you know someone who might want to work at our amazing school.


BCAT are looking to appoint a Specialist Science Teacher. Please click the link below if you are interested or you know someone who might want to work at our amazing school.


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There's now only one week to go to enter this year's Portfolio art competition! Make sure you get your entry in to us by next Wednesday 11th May. Your artwork could end up on our walls as part of an exhibition this Summer! Find out more and enter here:


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Feeling ? Being able to slow our breathing down & take longer breaths, can help us to feel calmer & reduce overwhelming feelings. Give it a try or have a look at the other mini-activities on It's free, safe & anonymous.


CDS are looking to appoint Teaching Assistants – Fixed Term Contracts (multiple roles available). Please click the link below if you are interested or you know someone who might want to work at our amazing school.


CDS are looking to recruit a Cover Supervisor. Please click the link below if you are interested or you know someone who might want to work at our amazing school.


Have you ever felt like you can't keep up with your daily tasks and deadlines, leaving you little or no time for rest? Rest is a fundamental part of success, health, and happiness. Attached is information as to why it's so important!

Careers Advice

As part of improving the quality and effectiveness of The Charles Dickens Careers Education and Guidance for our students, Mrs Read (Lead teacher for Careers Education, Information and Guidance) and Mr Weller (Lead teacher for Gifted and Talented students) are working with governors, heads of year, teaching staff, students, parents, external agencies, further education institutions and businesses so that The Charles Dickens School continues to ensure that our students receive excellent Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).

Contact details for key staff:

Mrs Read, Lead teacher for Careers Education
Email: Phone: 01843 862988 EXT: 1869

Mr Weller, Lead teacher for Gifted and Talented students

The Charles Dickens School is working to achieve the 8 Gatsby Careers Benchmarks, which reflect international best practice, to improve careers provision. As a school, we will be ensuring that all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks are implemented by September 2020.

The school has used Compass, an online self-evaluation tool, to assess how careers support compares against the Gatsby Benchmarks and the national average. We have baselined ourselves using this tool to improve our careers programme based on these results, and track the school’s progress against the Benchmarks over time. A tracker planning tool will be used to help record activities clearly and easily, and will identify how the school is meeting the Benchmark scores. This is the key tool that we use to measure the impact of our Careers work across the school and is reviewed every six months to ensure that progress is being made and impacting the development of all of our students.

The Charles Dickens School is working with The Education Business Partnership (EBP) which will provide external support to the school. The aim will be for every student from Year 7 -11 to have at least one meaningful encounter each year with employers and that these encounters will inspire pupils and allow them to learn about what work is like, or what it takes to be successful in the workforce. In addition to this, the schools aim is for all or the majority of pupils to have encounters with further or higher education establishment. Students will have encounters with these organisations whilst in school (in addition to the access we provide to apprenticeships and universities).

From Year 7 through to Year 11 students are encouraged to actively develop knowledge and skills that contribute to their preparations for the world of employment across a range of subjects, tutor time and dedicated focus days.  Activities, including business and enterprise projects as well as workshops and specialist speakers, support our provision for our students.

In February the school hosts a Careers Fayre for all students.  This event involves 50 local and national business, who working with school staff and our partner EBP, meet with students from all year groups.  All students will have an opportunity to explore a wide range of career opportunities and discuss these with the employers.  This event ties in with the year 11 making their post 16 plans and also the year 8 students choosing their options.

In order to ensure all students have 24/7 access to resources that support CEIAG, there are dedicated areas in the Learner Portal for Careers as well as links to the online software packages and other useful sites to support decision making.

We are also able to ensure that all students have access to independent Careers advice through our Careers Advisor Mr Handley. He is available in school and offers confidential guidance and support to students about careers, education, training and job options, as well as other issues such as health, money, relationships, and housing. All students will have a range of opportunities to work with Mr Handley. Any student who would like a Careers interview should speak with their HOY who will arrange this for them.  The Charles Dickens School offers a general programme of group sessions for year 8 students on choosing GCSE options, individual interviews with actions plans for year 11 students, and attendance at parents’ evenings and options evenings to give advice for parents.

A Personal Advisor can work with you to help prepare your son or daughter for the future. There might be particular times when you need our help, for example when your son or daughter:

  • is starting to think about their GCSE subject choices at Key Stage 3
  • is considering their options after Year 11. Personal advisors can give them advice and guidance on staying on in full-time education, starting work, training, work-based learning or apprenticeships
  • may be experiencing difficulties and they need extra support to get back on track
  • needs advice on the benefits available to them to support their progression through education and training
  • has a learning difficulty or disability and needs help with their next steps

Every pupil, and their parents/carers, should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. The National Careers Service offers information and professional advice about education, training and work to adults and young people aged 13 years and over. Pupils and their parents/carers can access support via a website, helpline and web chat. For more information see the websites listed below:


The next review of the careers information provided will take place on 1st September 2022

The Charles Dickens School Policy Statement On Provider Access


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