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The weather was cooler, but the competition was hot! Sports Day this year saw our athletes challenged and pitting themselves, and their colleges, against one another. Winners of the Sports Day trophy was Gower! Well done to all!


Students have been working hard all year collecting reward points through attendance, behaviour and activities. The winners this year are …. Fort! College captains were presented with the cup during sports day.


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If students need support, is available for all 10-25 yr olds in & , right throughout the summer break. Whether it's support with exam results or something else, they can always message our online team.


Year 7 and Year 8 students took part in a ‘Time Detectives’ workshop, run by the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University. Students explored the work of scientists who observe particles in ancient artefacts.


Wellbeing Wednesday: The end of another school year is upon us and many will be tired, physically and mentally. Summer is the best time for us to recharge our personal batteries. We all need to take care of ourselves and recharge for September.


With sports day scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 20 July, please can you ensure that your child(ren) bring a drink with them, sun cream and a hat, to keep themselves protected in the afternoon during events. Please remember to wear PE kit for the day!


Due to the forecast Level 3 heatwave on Monday and Tuesday, PE lessons will be inside on these days. The field events for Sports Day, scheduled for Tuesday will now happen on Wednesday morning. 2 of 2


Due to the forecast Level 3 heatwave on Monday and Tuesday, pupils are not required to wear ties and blazers on these days. Pupils should wear PE kit on Wednesday. All pupils will be in indoor areas and the shaded footprint of the buildings for break and lunch. 1 of 2


We are proud to announce that after a year working with Educate and Celebrate towards making CDS an inclusive school for all staff and pupils, we have gained our Pride in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Bronze award.


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We have yet more FREE football lined up this week with a visit from and we can't think of a better way to spend a warm summers evening. Gates open from 6pm (KO 7:30pm)


We took 44 students to the Thanet Schools Athletics Championships and were extremely successful with both team, and individual successes. The results were: U13 Boys – 1st Overall U13 Girls – 3rd Overall U15 Girls – 2nd Overall Well done to all involved!


CDS joined VI Extra in Maidstone, showing what we offer for visually impaired children. This event gave families the opportunity to talk to professionals, charities and other parents, we well as offering fun activities for the children and young people to take part in.


The MFL department were excited to celebrate Pride month with a focus on the issues surrounding gendered language in the languages that we study; French and Spanish. They considered how language would be if we were not able to indicate gender – the advantages and disadvantages.


Reminder for Year 6 into 7 Transition Days: Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 July. We are welcoming our new Year 7s this week to familiarise themselves with CDS prior to the new year starting on the Monday 5 September.


Arts Festival 2022 - The School’s VI Unit opened its doors to demonstrate the equipment it uses to aid the learning of its visually impaired students. The Brilliant Club students talked to visitors about their academic work on this programme.


Arts Festival 2022 - Outstanding work from students in Art and Engineering was on display in the Theatre.


Special guests at The Arts Festival included The Mayor, Councillor Dexter, and his Lady Mayoress who were toured by the School’s head students. The School thanks all of its supporters, parents, & students for attending this event.


Arts Festival 2022 - Reception guests were entertained by the School’s music students whilst sampling the canapes created, and served, by students studying Hospitality, skilfully overseen by Mrs Naylor and Miss Williams.


Arts Festival 2022 - Dance displayed a collection of work from all year groups. Y7 students performed repertoire from BalletBoyz ‘Young Men’; Y8 performed contemporary solos and KS4 students performed ensemble pieces from a diverse range of styles.


Arts Festival 2022 - Students from the Drama department shared a range of monologue and duologue performances; ‘An Inspector Calls’ ‘DNA’ and ‘Blood Brothers’. Y7 students showcased, performing extracts from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.


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We're looking for talented and dedicated Teaching Assistants for our brand new school, Barton Manor, starting in September. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more please click here:


Just a reminder that it's the CDS Arts Festival this evening, celebrating the multiple talents of our fabulous students, showcasing all things creative!


Today we said farewell to our Year 11s who have worked tirelessly through their GCSE exams. A final assembly, brought tears and laughter looking back over their 5 years at CDS. We wish them all well in their next adventure!


Wellbeing Wednesday! Last week we endured some very hot weather which for some of us was warmly received but for others, very uncomfortable. Attached are some top tips for staying cool in the hot weather.


CDS is proud to host the Arts Festival this year celebrating the multiple talents of our fabulous students, showcasing all things creative! Families of current & Y6 students, are invited and we look forward to seeing you on 30 June between 5-7pm.


A VI student embarked on his effective communication unit, part of his AQA award scheme, using his brailling skills to raise money for TAG Pet Rescue making staff name tags. He raised a whopping £175! A representative came to thank him for all his hard work.


Navy Chefs came into school to work with H&C classes this week, briefing them on careers in the Catering arm of the Navy, and showing some amazing pictures of cooking around the world. Can learning be fun? - ‘absolutely, yes!’ – the kids had a blast! …


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A dispersal order has been put in place in town centre this afternoon, giving police additional powers to move on anyone causing a nuisance and, if necessary, arrest those who return to the area once dispersed.


Y7 & 8 students continue to compete in the school’s Knowledge Organiser quizzes. Quick fire questions, on the buzzer, have challenged the recall of all of their knowledge. Here are some of the top placed Year 7 students with their certificates of award.


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If your child knows gaming, they’ll probably know Twitch 🎮💻 It’s a livestreaming community for dedicated gamers – but in among the helpful tips, some risks are lurking. Our guide investigates 🔎 Download >>


CDS students have now successfully completed their DofE assessed Bronze expedition, completing all of the evidence needed for their bronze award. Well done to all involved and a massive thank you to all staff who supported the expedition!


Wellbeing Wednesday! How does feeling guilty affect our wellbeing? Mindfulness can help us to accept our feelings and begin self-forgiveness. It can help you understand your emotions.


Y10 art students took part in the English Heritage Art exhibition at Walmer Castle this year. Their work was inspired by their visits to the grounds and gardens of the Castle was displayed over the weekend as part of their Blooming gardens Event. Well done!


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Last summer, our Holiday Activities and Food clubs helped over 600,000 children to keep active, learn new things and enjoy healthy meals. It’s great that supermarkets and sports organisations will also help disadvantaged children during the summer holidays this year.


Well done to all of our DofE students with their volunteering efforts! We are proud of all of you!


Wellbeing Wednesday - It's International Bike Week! Top 5 reasons to get cycling: It gets you out in the open Aerobic exercise reduces anxiety You can ride a bike socially It's a proven stress reliever It's easy to fit into your daily life


Wishing you all a great May half term! Enjoy the break and the Queen's Jubilee long weekend and celebrations. Students return on Monday 6 June.


CDS pupils took part in the Kent School Games virtual indoor rowing competition and the results are in! CDS finished in the following positions: Year 8 Boys – 2nd Place Year 8 Girls – 1st Place Year 9 Boys – 4th Place Year 9 Girls – 3rd Place Year 10 Boys – 4thPlace


Wellbeing Wednesday: This week as the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend approaches, and her 70 years of service recognised, we are looking at the secret to a long and healthy life and how to maintain healthy habits!

Breadth Thinking Tools

CoRT Thinking Lessons have been taught in schools since the mid 1970s. They have since become the most widely used school materials for the direct teaching of thinking as a basic skill worldwide.

All of this experience has contributed to developing CoRT Thinking Lessons that:

  1. Are practical and hands-on in nature.
  2. Can be taught as a separate subject–thinking skills–or embedded in existing curriculum to strengthen student learning and develop independent thinkers.
  3. Are focused on equipping students to become effective, open-minded thinkers–critical, creative, constructive, and comprehensive.
  4. Address the increasing interest and recognition for the need to teach thinking as a basic skill along with reading, writing, and mathematics; the traditional basics.
  5. Can be used in a wide variety of situations from schools in disadvantaged areas to elite schools to students being home schooled.
  6. Appeal to a wide range of ages (6-adult) and abilities (IQs of 75-140).

Breadth Thinking Tools 1

Think of a person setting out to learn to be a carpenter. Each carpenter's tool is designed to carry out a specific function. The carpenter learns when and how to use each of the tools one-by-one. A lot of practice is required to become a skilled carpenter. Learning to become a skilled thinker is the same approach: to make the basic operations of thinking second nature so that they are carried out automatically, smoothly, and without fuss or effort.

P4C – is short for Philosophy for Children.

Children are taught how to create their own philosophical questions. They then choose one question that is the focus of a philosophical enquiry, or dialogue.  For example the question might be 'is it ever ok to steal? 

The teacher, as facilitator, supports the children in their thinking, reasoning and questioning, as well as the way the children speak and listen to each other in the dialogue.  After the enquiry the children and facilitator reflect on the quality of the thinking, reasoning and participation, and suggest how they could improve; either as individuals or as a group (community).

P4C is intended to be a regular activity so that the children develop their skills and understanding over time.  The role of the facilitator is crucial to ensuring quality dialogue and progress, as well as integration with the curriculum.

It is well documented that P4C has an impact on children's cognitive, social and emotional development. P4C is about getting children to think and communicate well; to think better for themselves.

P4C is a thorough pedagogy with considerable academic pedigree. Professor Matthew Lipman, frustrated by his students’ lack of engagement with learning and thinking, was influenced by educationalists and philosophers such as Vygotsky, Piaget, Dewey as well as the tradition of Socratic dialogue.


If we expect pupils to engage in more creative and stimulating thought process, we, as teachers must encourage them by asking higher level questions.


Linking higher order Questioning with higher order Thinking.

  • Developed initially in 1050's by Benjamin Bloom, readapted and significantly improved by Lorin Anderson in 1990's.
  • Hierarchy of 6 developmental stages of thinking which become increasingly complex and demanding.
  • The levels of thinking can be applied to developing questioning across all levels of schooling and in areas of learning.

Breadth Thinking Tools 2

Deeper questioning and anticipated deeper response is developed from top left to bottom right.

Get pupils to come up with their own questions by choosing a word from the left-most column followed by a word from the top row.


What Is… the time / the name of… etc

When Will… the reaction stop if I use X grams of Y?

How Might… we use photosynthesis to overcome the impact of burning fossil fuels?