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Kooth are running online talks for parents on 21 and 26 July. They will be talking about parenting pressures over the summer holidays, and how they can support.Please feel free to sign up directly if this is of interest to you.


Our final Wagamama club ended with a sweet treat – banana katsu! Served with ice cream, restaurant style.The club is open to all KS4 pupils who study Hospitality and Catering at CDS, so sign up for Term 1 in September!#cdshospitality




Week 4 of Wagamama club was making gyozas, ably assisted by an ex-pupil who learned to make these for her exam last year. The tasty little parcels were professionally finished and tasted delicious. Watch out for next week’s mystery recipe!!#cdshospitality


In Year 10, our young artists are exploring a range of themes for their personal project. Topics range from identity, to landscape, to food. Currently researching the work of others to feed their ideas.#cdsvisualarts


Year 9 pupils are embarking on an exciting new project, ‘objects as art’, exploring the work of Sarah Graham who is a photorealist artist painter, documenting childhood memories through sweets and toys.#cdsvisualarts


Our doors open at 5pm tomorrow, Thursday 27 June, for the School’s Academic Exhibition (formerly Arts Festival).We really hope that you will be able to join us to celebrate the talents and the work of our amazing pupils.#cdsacademicexhibition





We know that the Summer holidays can increase social isolation for some pupils, spending more time inside and on their mobile phones. are encouraging young people to get outside and “go somewhere good” this summer holiday.


This week’s recipe was all about a comforting and healthy ramen bowl.Making their own stock, garnishes, and seared chicken, KS4 Hospitality Club pupils smashed “Cook Wagamama” week 3!#cdshospitality


sharing their journey as a and it's role in sustained school improvement. What worked, the challenges faced and how to build a culture of


This free workshop is brought to you by Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council. There are limited spaces so make sure that you book a space today. To book email or call us on 01843 263609. Limited spaces available.


We were delighted to be invited to a Time Capsule planting at the newly opened, Copperfield Court care home. Our new head pupils planted a time capsule, to be opened in 2074. We wonder what they'll think of what's in there when it’s opened 50 years from now!


This week pupils were tasked with making either chilli squid, with dipping sauce, or bang bang cauliflower.Both dishes were presented professionally and tasted amazing!Look out for our next post as it’s Ramen week next week!#cdshospitality


Congratulations to CDS TA Alice, who is the Overall Winner of the Heart of KAB Appreciation Award.We are so proud of the work she does in school with our VI pupils, offering a tremendous amount of encouragement & support, and opening doors of opportunity for them.


Year 10 are creating some fantastic work in their Visual Arts lessons and so we wanted to celebrate and share with you some of the great work being developed across the department.#cdsvisualarts


KS3 Food Club did a great job creating their own Cake Pops in Food Club – Just as good as you’d find in a well-known high street coffee shop, we reckon!Well done team, they look amazing!#cdsfoodclub


Dance pupils had the opportunity to go to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to watch the musical ‘Everybody’s Talking about Jamie’. This musical has become part of the dance curriculum and so this theatre trip will give pupils a deeper understanding of the course.#cdsdance


Year 9 Visual Arts pupils have Just completed their “natural forms” project exploring the work of everyone from Henry Moore to Georgia O’Keeffe.#cdsvisualarts


Year 7 Visual Arts pupils have recently completed a Hundertwasser landscape project with some very colourful outcomes and are now working on studies of bugs.#cdsvisualarts


The first Wagamama cooking club was a resounding success with KS4 pupils making a chicken katsu curry with sticky rice. I’m sure you’ll agree the outcome looks very professional!#cdshospitality


Today is World Environment Day; the perfect day to consider how you can make small changes to improve the impact that we all have on the world around us. Here are ten easy ways to achieve actions, that we can all try!

PRESS RELEASE The Charles Dickens School GCSE Results 2023

Posted on: 24/08/2023

The Charles Dickens School would like to congratulate Year 11 pupils on their  achievements.

Warren Smith, Headteacher said, “We are extremely proud of our pupils and their results reflect their hard work and resilience throughout their five years with us. It should be acknowledged that a large proportion of their secondary education was still disrupted by COVID, and it has been widely reported that this year the exam boards have been much less generous in their recognition of this. To achieve the results they have achieved, in this context, is a wonderful reflection of their ability and determination. We send them all our very best wishes for their next steps.”

There were a number of exceptional performances at GCSE this year.

Giacomo Seddio achieved grade 9 in Geography, Spanish, Italian, grade 9-8 in Combined Science, grade 8 in English Language, English Literature and Maths and a Distinction in ICT.

Callum MacKinnon achieved grade 9 in English Literature, grade 8 in English Language, grade 7 in Maths and Geography, grade 7-6 in Combined Science and Distinction* in Business and Engineering.

Charlotte Clapham achieved grade 8 in English Literature and grade 8-8 in Combined Science, grade 7 in English Language, grade 6 in Maths and Geography, Distinction* in Music and Distinction in Child Development.

Lara Chambers achieved grade 8 in History, grade 8-7 in Combined Science, grade 7 in English Language and Maths, grade 6 in English Literature and Photography, Distinction* in Child Development and Distinction in Health & Social Care.

Harry Sutton achieved grade 8 in Maths, grade 8-7 in Combined Science, grade 7 in English Language, grade 6 in English Literature, Distinction* in Business, Distinction in ICT and a Merit in Engineering.

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